WakeHacks is an annual event hosted by the Wake Forest University Department of Computer Science. Taking place in the Spring, we come together to create amazing stuff with nothing but our wits, our brains, and lots of caffeine.

This year, we’ve chosen a theme of “New Solutions to Old Problems” to inspire the teams. What kind of lofty projects will this engender? Join us to find out! And if you already have some ideas, register now at https://wakehacks.com

We have also partnered with Blockchain at Microsoft to create two separate hackathon "Tracks." The general hackathon, or the "General Track", is open to all college programming students of any experience. The "Blockchain Track" is more selective, and will be much smaller than the general track but with larger prizes. Note that participants in either track should note the distinction between these two parallel events, especially during the submission process. Reach out to us on Discord with any questions, or email us here.


The Blockchain Track:

The WakeHacks 2021: Blockchain and Cultural Property Track is one of the tracks offered this year by WakeHacks. In order to create New Solutions to Old Problems, people will be the drivers of change supported by new technologies that will help further disperse the human work of bringing people together and sharing ideas. We are so excited to have you join us for this endeavor and cannot wait to see the outcomes. There are no grades for your transcript here! Just 24 hours to have fun, meet new people, learn something new, hustle, hear from experts, and possibly win at least $200!

Each team in this track of the hackathon will choose and focus on one of three case studies from the collection at the Museum of Anthropology at Wake Forest University. Your team will be submitting materials at noon on March 7th. Judges will evaluate the submissions based on a Rubric. Prizes will be awarded to three teams!

The Wake Hackathon Blockchain Track Guiding Document is the best resource available for information regarding the Hackathon, including resources for developing submissions, criteria and guidelines for the project, background info of the judges, and much more. Please click here to be directed to that document!


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$5,200 in prizes

Best Overall Hack

General Track Only:
$300 to each member

Best Blockchain Hack (3)

1st - $300 to each member
2nd - $250 to each member
3rd - $200 to each member

Best Community-Voted Hack

General Track Only:
$50 to each member

Best Beginner Hack

General Track Only:
$50 to each member

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Participants: Must be an enrolled student at a U.S. College/University. Must have a U.S. shipping address for swag.
  • Countries: United States


*HACKERS NOTE* Make sure you use the submission requirements for your track only! If you have any questions please reach out to Discord staff!

General Track Submission Requirements:

At the time of submission, your team will turn in via DevPost

  1. Readable code, commented where appropriate.

  2. A 2-minute video demoing your code
  3. Short responses to the following questions:

    1. How does your project connect to the theme?
    2. What did you learn?
    3. What was your biggest challenge?
    4. What's next for this project?


Blockchain Track Submission Requirements:

At the time of submission, your team will turn in via DevPost

  1. well-commented code

  2. documentation supporting why your solution meets all judging criteria well in the form of a 5-10 page written document,

  3. A 7-10 minute video introducing yourselves, the work you did during the hackathon, and your solution, and

  4. 3 photographs/screenshots depicting your team in action

Note that the judges will favor thoughtful solution design over code that compiles. Read the rubric to better understand the criteria the judges will go by.


UPDATE on Naming File Submissions: Please name your file submissions like this: TEAM_<#>CODE, TEAM<#>DOCUMENTATION, TEAM<#>_VIDEO, TEAM<#>PIC1, TEAM<#>PIC2, TEAM<#>PIC3. Definitely replace the <#> with your actual team number! So team 1’s code submission will look something like this: TEAM_1_CODE.js. Please put in the comments of your Code the name of every member of your team. Please put in the documentation all your names too, and indicate in your documentation what team you are somewhere at the top.



General Blockchain Submission Guidelines

The commented code should:

  • Be clear enough so someone else can understand what your code is doing

The written deliverable (suggested 5-10 pages) should:

  • Summarize the case study selection process and solution decision path
  • Identify the stakeholder network in these transactions, their interests, and the nature of their relationships to each other
  • Emphasize blockchain as a tool for an equitable new solution
  • Provide complete answers to the points of consideration in the case study

The video (7-10 minutes) should

  • Be treated as a pitch to judges
  • Introduce team members, case study, and solution overview (demo if possible)
  • The work team members completed during the run of the hackathon
  • Provide a clear presentation of your solution
  • Reflect deep engagement and reflection on this hacking experience
  • Be fun!

The pictures of your team in action could be a screenshot of your zoom meeting, of any brainstorming you are doing, etc. Each of these submission components will allow for taking a solution further, answer the questions for your scenario, and provide a lasting, commemorative and educational record of your great work during the hackathon.


Grey Ballard
Assistant Professor

Errin Fulp

Errin Fulp

Kelly Kuykendall
Adjunct Lecturer

William Turkett

William Turkett
Associate Professor

Sarra Alqahtani

Sarra Alqahtani

Amanda Gallagher

Amanda Gallagher

Vanessa Grellet

Judging Criteria

  • General Track: Technical Complexity
    Early concepts are suitable for beginners, but more advanced projects must involve more effort to score well technically. Commenting is also especially important in contextualizing the problems encountered and why something may be considered nontrivial.
  • General Track: Usability
    Submissions are expected to adhere to the theme, "New Solutions to Old Problems." Is this a solution without a problem, or do you see many people potentially using this as a very helpful solution?
  • General Track: Comfort Zone
    Hackathons are an excellent chance to expand horizons, so we will be paying attention to teams that go the extra step to learn a new skill, API, or language. We are not looking for project regurgitation from a class.
  • Blockchain Track: Fit
    Does the solution - address the problem statement, and is it based in real, researched problems? - take into account the differing needs of all stakeholders? - provide flexibility for global use and fractionalized ownership options?
  • Blockchain Track: Innovation
    Has the team - introduced novel ownership structures and new solutions? - translated ownership structures into terms that could be the basis of smart contracts? - coded for smart contracts? (See Google Doc for more info)
  • Blockchain Track: Functionality
    Does the product - function as intended? If not, what would it take? - provide access to a chain of provenance and - can each stakeholder understand how to engage with it? - Is it iterative in nature, can it evolve easily as nodes are added?
  • Blockchain Track: Scalability
    Can the design - be adapted for a private, permissioned blockchain solution? - absorb a swiftly growing ecosystem of stakeholders? - Has the team commented code and created documentation so that the public could scale this solution?
  • Blockchain Track: New Solutions to Old Problems
    Does the solution - foster equity, inclusivity, accessibility, and transparency? - further the mission of AABC? - suggest innovative research and resolutions to existing problems? - Has the group incorporated interdisciplinary expertise?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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